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Feb 13, 2019

In almost 300 episodes,15 Minutes to Freedom has come a long, long way from being the male-centric podcast from which it originated.  I’ve gone from thinking that I could only speak to men because that’s what I am to helping guide women to new breakthroughs in coaching sessions.  When I set out to create an immersive in person training event, the demand from the women was so great I not only had to create a second session but I also had to get my wife involved.  That’s right ladies. If you’re joining us in Columbus, OH at the end of March, Lindsay will be there to help guide you along the way.


Are you looking to connect further with a group of like-mind people? Join myself and others in the Life Optimization Group on Facebook  I will be dropping daily nuggets to help you live an optimized life.  


Would you like more information on the upcoming immersive training?  Email me at or Lindsay at  We’d love to hear from you.