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May 23, 2019

Paul is a man on a mission to change the economic future of this country.   In 2008 during the financial crisis in the United States, Paul saw a major opportunity to educate the next generation to create new financial opportunities.  Through the creation of PagnatoKarp Wealth Management and the non-profit True Fiduciary Institute, Paul is making major strides in changing the way people think about money and prepare for their future.  Paul digs deep into transparency in the corporate world and how it can lead to an economic boom in this country. In addition, we touch on his fascinating time as a Microbiologist with NASA. If you’d like to get in touch with Paul about either PagnatoKArp or True Fiduciary Institute, feel free to contact him at  Also, be on the lookout for Paul’s upcoming book “Transparency Waves”, coming soon to bookstores and online retailers everywhere.


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