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Jun 17, 2019

Take a look at your life.  What if every aspect of your life in 2019 was 20% better than it was in 2018?  I’m talking about your bank account, your relationships, your fitness, your sleep, everything.  Can you see what that looks like? As a Life Optimization Specialist, it’s not only my job but my duty to help you get there.  As 15 Minutes To Freedom is coming to a close, I’m excited to offer a special opportunity to those of you that have been with me on this journey.  Listen to find out how you can take advantage of a special one time opportunity to level up your life. Want more information? Simply email me at with “1 of 7” in the subject line.  That’s it! Get ready to change your life.


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Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to contact me at I’d love to hear from you.