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Jun 22, 2019

How often do you work too hard at the office, giving it everything you’ve got in an attempt to earn more, produce more, and achieve a stable and comfortable living? Then immediately after you fight traffic to get home, and then before anything else you go through the never ending list of what is commonly referred to as “adulting,” laundry, trash, dinner, dishes, etc.? By the end of all this, we normally just want some peace and quiet instead of conversation and sharing with our loved ones. We eventually go to sleep, and the cycle continues. There is a way to recalibrate your thoughts, your habits, your life. Remember what it felt like to date your wife, husband, or significant other? It’s that simple, DATE your family. Listen as I walk you through how I learned to stop rushing, stop burning out, and start recalibrating my life by dating each member of my family.


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