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Jul 26, 2019

Your life’s purpose is calling, will you answer? The quality of your life ultimately boils down to the quality of your contribution. What does that mean exactly? Think of the times when you have felt most fulfilled in your life. More than likely it had nothing to do with income, social status, or something tangible. It was more than likely a time when you were not thinking of yourself at all, but instead being selfless. In my weekly group coaching session filled with entrepreneurs in all stages of their business, I am constantly amazed by the quality of sharing and contribution. Incredibly successful business owners helping new businesses get started. Younger minds helping a veteran revive a failing business. All amazing minds helping each other grow as opposed to tearing each other down. And what I’m finding more and more is that the people who are the happiest are those who are pursuing something that aligns with their soul and contributes to others. If you’re looking to make a shift in your life, consider giving up your ego, being less selfish and more selfless, and pouring into others. 

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