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Jul 22, 2019

I understand that there are bills to pay. I also understand that things cost money, both tangible goods such as a car, food, the shirt on your back, as well as non-tangibles like vacations, entertainment, etc. But you can always get more money. However you can’t get more time. Once you’re out of time, that’s it. Once you’ve used your time, there is no getting it back. Stop wasting your time. Stop procrastinating. Stop saying things like, “Some day I will…” My friends, TODAY is SOME DAY! Today I talk about how you can guard your time appropriately and treat it like the valuable commodity that it is. Once you learn how to treat (and use) your time wisely, you’ll begin to see the countless opportunities for success that are in front of you and you’ll forget about everything else that is a WASTE OF TIME.

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